Comedy-Mystery Dinner Theater
Performed by
Jest Murder Mystery Company
Our lively period-piece who-done-it features a delicious dinner and audience participation. Great for groups.

2016-17 Dinner Theater Schedule


"A Dickens of a Killing!"
November 4 - January 7, 2017

Welcome to our Holiday Party in Merry Olde England! A little singing! A little dancing! A little murder! What could be more fun? Of course, Scrooge is up to his old tricks again, and someone bumps him off! Who did it? Miss Havisham? The Artful Dodger? Little Tiny Tim? Or, maybe you?!! Whether you want to participate a little, (or a lot), you're sure to have a jolly good time, in jolly olde England, where there is sure to be "A Dickens of a Killing!"


Public Comedy-Mystery Dinner

Every Friday and Saturday night at 7:00 p.m.
$52.95 per person*
Gratuity included.
Menu includes:
House Dinner Salad
Country Fried Chicken with White Gravy, Mashed Potatoes and Vegetable
Wines Served with Entree
Cash bar is available.

*Pricing does not include tax.

Please call for reservations, (314) 664-8024 or contact us here.

Private Comedy-Mystery Dinner

Available any day, any time. Private room fee - from $150.00 to $1,500.00.*
Comedy-Mystery Actors fee priced per event.

Please call for reservations, (314) 664-8024 or contact us here.

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