Comedy-Mystery Dinner Theater
at The Lemp Mansion

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Dinner Theaters are featured year-round!

Performed by Jest Murder Mystery Company
Our lively period-piece who-done-it features a delicious dinner and audience participation. Great for groups.


2024 Dinner Theater Schedule

Lemp Mansion show, Muuurder in Maaaybury, May 10th - Aug 24th 2024

"Muuurder in Maaaybury"
May 10th - Aug 24th, 2024

Join Andy, Aunt D, OP and Barney Fifth for an evening of good-old-fashioned Murder. Maaaybury is quietest little town in the whole country but that ole, ornery Earnest T Sass keeps showing up and spoiling Aunt D's Parties. He's always throwing rocks at the fellas and flirting with the ladies. Why, it's just indecent is what it is! Someone has got to put that Earnest T Sass out of his misery! Become one of your favorite Mayberry characters and join in on a little singing, a lot of laughing and a little murder! You can participate as much or as little as you would like to with no lines to memorize, just good old-fashioned murderous fun! You’ll have a great time gathering clues and figuring out just who-dun-it... was it you?

Dress up like your favorite Andy Griffith Show character and let the finger pointing begin at this interactive Jest Murder Mystery Company show!


Lemp Mansion show, The Haunted Hunter, Aug 30th - Nov 2nd 2024

"The Haunted Hunter"
Aug 30th - Nov 2nd, 2024

The rumors are true…this place is haunted!  And the word on the street is The Lemp Mansion’s most famous ghost is going to make an appearance tonight!  Lots of famous sleuths, detectives and ghost hunters from around the world will be here to catch a glimpse of our resident apparition.  But some seem to have more than just a passing interest in this paranormal investigation, could it be that they have something more sinister on their mind? Gee!  If someone gets whacked, we’ll have plenty of detectives to solve this Halloween whodunnit, won’t we?

Become a part of the story and participate at your comfort level during this spookily interactive Jest Murder Mystery Company dinner theater show!  ...who you gonna call?


Lemp Mansion show, The Anti-Claus, Nov 8th, 2024 - Jan 11th, 2025

"The Anti-Claus"
Nov 8th, 2024 - Jan 11th, 2025

Ever wanted to be on a TV Christmas Special?  Well, hold on to that dream because we’re just pretending.  Welcome to the Judy St Judy television talk show! It’s the only daytime show that really gives Jerry Springer a run for his money. All kinds of non-functioning family skeletons will be brought to light but the big news is that Judy St Judy has scored a huge guest for this year’s Christmas Special.  Spoiler alert, it’s Santa Claus!  And not everyone is happy to see him.  Gee, hope nothing bad happens at this murder mystery dinner theater show!

Become a part of the story and participate at your comfort level during this festive murder mystery party. Be sure to wear your ugliest Christmas sweater and get ready to do some serious accusatory finger pointing at this interactive Jest Murder Mystery Company holiday whodunnit!

Public Comedy-Mystery Dinner

Every Friday and Saturday night at 7:00 p.m.
$71.95 per person*
Gratuity included.
Menu includes:
House Dinner Salad
Boneless Breast of Chicken served with Potato and Vegetable
(Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free available)
Wines Served with Entree
Cash bar is available.

*Pricing does not include tax.

Private Comedy-Mystery Dinner

Available any day, any time. Private room fee - from $200.00 to $2900.00.*
Comedy-Mystery Actors fee priced per event.

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The Lemp Mansion will reschedule events that are required to be postponed due to natural disaster, acts of God, government mandates or circumstances beyond our control. Refunds WILL NOT be issued due to these circumstances.