Comedy-Mystery Dinner Theater
at The Lemp Mansion

lemp mansion

Dinner Theaters are featured year-round!

Performed by Jest Murder Mystery Company
Our lively period-piece who-done-it features a delicious dinner and audience participation. Great for groups.


2023 Dinner Theater Schedule

Lemp Mansion show, Murder at the Abbey, Jan 13th - May 6th

"Murder at the Abbey"
Jan 13th - May 6th, 2023

Immerse yourself in a world full of aristocracy, old money a perhaps a touch of murder!  You’ve been invited to the dinner party held by the Earl of Grantham himself. Some would kill for the opportunity to meet the Crawley family.  They’ll all be there!  The Earl, his beautiful wife and three daughters…not to mention all your favorite characters in, and around, the Grantham house.  

Become a part of the murder mystery party and participate to your comfort level during this interactive Jest Murder Mystery Company dinner theater show!  There will be no lines to memorize, just some Abbey-style murderous fun! You’ll have a great time gathering clues and figuring out just who-dun-it... was it you?


Lemp Mansion show, Death of a Blackheart, May 12th - Aug 26th

"Death of a Blackheart"
May 12th - Aug 26th, 2023

Ahoy matey! Join us for an exciting evening of murder, mystery and pirates at the best comedy dinner theater show in town. Don your favorite pirate gear and escape to the high seas for an adventure fraught with peril! What part will you play in this hilarious show full of fair maidens, lost boys, rival pirates and wenches? Whichever character you acquire, beware of that famous pirate Captain Jack Blackheart! Aye, he's a scurvy seadog if my eye ever seed one! Gee, I hope no one kills him off!

Become a part of the story and participate at your comfort level during this interactive Jest Murder Mystery Company dinner theater show! One thing is for sure. If you've ever wanted to stand up and shout, "ARRRRG!" ...then this is the show for you! And don't forget to wear your eye patch because things might get messy!


Lemp Mansion show, Zombie Love, Sep 1st-Nov 4th

"Zombie Love"
Sep 1st-Nov 4th, 2023

Calling all Zombies! Tired of being judged for munching on the occasional brain? So what if you're not really "alive" anymore. You can still enjoy socializing with the living and enjoying a hilarious show together. Well, we've got the perfect show for you. Drama! Comedy! Looove! ...And, of course, Zombies! But some zombie has ignored rule number one in the “Zombieing for Dummies” handbook…No biting.  Nina Tina Deena May will never be the same…do you know who’s to blame? And, no, it was not Mike Tyson! 

Become a part of the murder mystery party and participate at your comfort level during this interactive Jest Murder Mystery Company dinner theater show!  There will be no lines to memorize, just some undead murderous fun! Dress as your favorite walking dead character and embrace your inner zombie while you figure out who-dun-it.  And remember ... Absolutely No Biting!


Lemp Mansion show, Harm for the Holidays, Nov 10th - Jan 13th, 2024

"Harm for the Holidays"
Nov 10th, 2023 - Jan 13th, 2024

This may look like a festive Holiday Party for a family-owned, candle-making business but there is danger lurking beneath the mistletoe! Slimy characters, sneaky thieves, blackmailers, cheats and liars prowl around every corner and you oughta know since you’re one of them!  They’re malicious conspiring reveals the true nature of Harm Enterprises…organized crime (shhh…don’t tell Grandpa!)  But the shortest fuse in the room belongs to Hector Harm, he’s the grinchiest of the Harm siblings and he’s got one of his beady little eyes on old Grandma Harm’s Job.  Hope he doesn’t snuff her out before her time!

Dress up like your favorite holiday rule breaker and let the finger pointing begin at this wildly interactive Jest Murder Mystery Company show!

Public Comedy-Mystery Dinner

Every Friday and Saturday night at 7:00 p.m.
$68.95 per person*
Gratuity included.
Menu includes:
House Dinner Salad
Boneless Breast of Chicken served with Potato and Vegetable
(Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free available)
Wines Served with Entree
Cash bar is available.

*Pricing does not include tax.

Private Comedy-Mystery Dinner

Available any day, any time. Private room fee - from $200.00 to $2900.00.*
Comedy-Mystery Actors fee priced per event.

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The Lemp Mansion will reschedule events that are required to be postponed due to natural disaster, acts of God, government mandates or circumstances beyond our control. Refunds WILL NOT be issued due to these circumstances.